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New Inspection Complete posted by admin at 21-02-17 | Comments (0)

Emergency Inspection is Complete...

+ Alexandria activatet
+ Alchemy Rate Changed
+ Drobrate has Changed

Your GeSRO Team

New Emergency Inspection posted by admin at 21-02-17 | Comments (0)

The Server is under Emergency Inspection....

New Some Updates done after Server Inspection posted by galadriel at 19-02-17 | Comments (0)

Item Mall fixed, Remove New Devil Spirit, Remove Char Effects from the Item Mall...

New Server INSPECTION posted by galadriel at 19-02-17 | Comments (0)

Hey guys we are doing Server Inspection today 16:00 Server Time. Please be patient for a while we are fixing some bugs.

Your GeSRO Team

New GeSro Teamspeak 3 posted by galadriel at 18-02-17 | Comments (0)

Our Teamspeak 3 adress for joining us there if u got some questions.


Password: keineahnung

New Welcome to GeSro posted by galadriel at 18-02-17 | Comments (0)

Welcome dear GeSro Player,

We will tell you a short information about our Server.

Our Server is actually based on Cap lvl 110 and DG 11 Items. In further updates we will add more features and maybe higher Degrees for Weapon and Equipment. If you Want to see the Server information click on the right side of our Homepage to see them. We got some NEW SKILLS for each class Chinese / European. We have also Added some Special Areas and Shops to get special Items from them. Our GM Team is working hard to keep the server alive and player having fun. Unique, Hide & Seek, Search and Destroy, PvP Events will be hosted from GM´s and the Reward for severeal Events obtains the GM who hosted the Event but it would be nice Rewards for sure. The player who win the PvP Event will get the Title King for 1 Week and he need to defend his Title vs. the Winner of the next PvP Event. Titan Uniques and Free Silks per Hour are also added to the Game. If you are interested to see more from the Server JOIN US AND ENJOY. If you want to get more Information about the Server our GM´s and Admin will tell you something if you want to know more.

Administrator / Developer : LordShreck

Game Master : Destiny

Game Master : Galadriel

Game Master : KALYPSO

silkroad online servers
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: dummy Tax: Nothing%
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 6/1000
Max online: 12
Level Gap110
Experience rate: 15x
Party Experience rate: 25x
Gold drop: 5x
Item drop: 6x

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 43
Characters: 55
Guilds: 24
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